What Stinks Today??? How many Lawsuits has he been in????

Searching the Internet, we found that Kreegel had been charged with criminal mischief in 1989, a case in which a woman accused him of kicking her car and damaging it.

The State Attorney's Office charged him with criminal mischief by filing an "information," the document used to charge a crime in Florida. Kreegel said he never was served with any paperwork. The charge ultimately was administratively dismissed, why?

In civil court files, we found a 1992 lawsuit in which an electrical contractor sued Kreegel for nonpayment for work done at his medical practice.

On the electrician's lawsuit: Kreegel said the contractor billed double what Kreegel expected for work at his medical practice, "and we paid him what we understood it to be." The court ordered Kreegel and his practice to pay the contractor what he had billed, plus attorney fees and interest, a total of nearly $14,000.

We also found three malpractice lawsuits, filed in 1991, 1997 and 2001. We obtained the first and last entries in the court files, enough to see that Kreegel had been accused of failure to provide proper care in cases involving patient deaths, and that the cases had been settled.

We found a paternity suit that an exotic dancer filed against Kreegel in 1991. She said he (Kreegel) got her pregnant, denied paternity and urged her to get an abortion.

On the paternity suit: Kreegel said he met the woman at a party given by her relative, who worked with him at the hospital. He said that he didn't believe she was pregnant and that she was just trying to wring money out of him. "There is a remote possibility that had she been pregnant, it could have been by me "said Kreegel. To settle the case, he (Kreegel) paid her between $2,000 and $2,500, money he said she wanted for a "boob job" to help her dancing career.

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